Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Episode 5 - SciFi and Swearing

In this episode of our meandering discussion podcast we talk about science fiction, zombies, swearing and various TV shows and movies. All over the place this time.

Topics include:

Please let us know what you think in the comments, and ask us any questions or suggest topics for later episodes.

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  1. Zombie apocalypse wouldn't be much of an apocalypse anymore.
    Every nerd and similar awesome people are all prepared for it and just waiting for it to happen.
    If I became a zombie, I'd be scared sh*tless.

  2. I have questions. Questions that need answers. Eh...this is for both of you guys: what movies do you like?
    Another great episode. There is so many things I could write, but I can't due to sheer size and my inability to stay coherent.

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  4. Thanks for a fun podcast to listen to while doing boring chores.

    Have you (would you) ever meet each other in person? (Or would it destroy the magic?)

    Jim, what was the best and worst part of your Ludum Dare experience?

    What tips would you give for others considering it for the first time?

    Have you ever played a dystopian document thriller?

  5. Nobody read these things anyway, 1, because it's late, 2, because you already mention that you don't read these things... and 3, because my grammar.. and I don't care about my grammar...too many dots and why the hell do I bother or should I say xp stealer instead of hell..anyway, Jim is right about Gervais, so xp stealer, camper to you PacBilly.

    1. ...and why it say that I'm Unknown when I'm ...well let see how it works this time.